Brief History

Ar Rohmah Islamic Boarding School group is a moslem educational foundation that was formed in Malang City under Hidayatullah boarding school in 2004.

Hidayatullah Boarding School was established by Ustadz Abdullah Said on 02 Dzulhijjah 1392 or 07 January 1973 based in Balikpapan, East Borneo/Kalimantan. The exact location is in Kampung Teritip Gunung Tembak Balikpapan. This formal educational foundation’s mission is to expand Islamic knowledge and widen Islamic generation through Islamic educational institutions in all over Indonesia, and one of them is Malang City.

In 2004, female boarding school was established in this “student city” because there is a need for an Islamic education center and also people demanded an islamic boarding school for their children. Therefore the first campus was built with only 700m square on Jl. Jambu No. 1 Dau District, Malang. This institution was inaugurated by forming Islamic Educational Foundation At-Rohmah Putri that was registered in : Suprapto Subowo, SH Notary No.5, 07 October 2007. There was no formal school in this period.

During 2005-2007, KB-TA Ar-Rohmah was built (2005). Alam Ar-Rohmah Elementary School and Ar-Rohmah Islamic Girl Boarding School was also built together and the first batch was in 2007. Meanwhile Senior High School female was built after 2 years.

The core team in the establishment was:

-Ust. Moh. Arifin, Ust. Zaenal Musthofa, Ust. Mahzum Syuhadak, Ust. Nanang Noerpatria, Ust. Muh. Syuhud, Ust. Abdullah Warsito, Ust. M. Fathul Munir (alm), Ust. Sohibuttijar, Ust. Fahmi Ahmad, dan Ust. Alimin Mukhtar. The core team in the nurturing was: Ir. Hj. Najat Sakinah, Usth. Vikana, Usth. Wiwin Windawati, Usth. Muawanah.

With good management and focusing on the progress of Islamic education, 6 years tahfidz program for male students in junior and senior high school was built on campus 3 on an area of 2,5 hectares located 1,5km from Campus 1 – Female, to be exact it is located in Precet, Sumbersekar Village.

Starting from 2018, Takhassus program for Senior High School was opened special only for female students. In the first year of this program, student’s activity is focused on memorizing 30 Juz of Al-Qur’an. The next 3 years is for Muraja’ah which is related to the regular Indonesian Senior High School program (Depdikbud). And in the same year, Dauroh Qur’an Program (1 year 30 Juz) for general students (male and female 17-22 years old) was also opened

The needs of parents regarding Islamic religious education, which is integrated with general education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, increase continuously as well as the needs of additional capacity through good planning and strong da’wah goals. Therefore, Ar Rohmah Putri International Islamic Boarding School, which was officially opened in 2020, added Bilingual (English & Arabic) material in the daily conversations particularly in boarding school area. In an area of 3.5 hectares, a boarding school was built in a cool atmosphere, comfortable, spacious and fully facilitated.

Currently, the Ar Rohmah Group, which has three campuses in three areas and, Alhamdulillah, has reached 3.000 students, provides an Islamic generation facility for studying as well as an educational environment for educating students of the Middle & High School level with regular program choices: Tahfiz & International language (English and Arabic).

This year, we are on the process of building Ar Rohmah Institute as a process of regeneration as well as the educational program development. May Allah make everything easy.