Present to help students as a source of learning, seek information, increase knowledge, broaden horizons and improve reading activities.


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Baitul Hikmah Library's Vision & Mission


  • Realization of a representative library as a provider of information on science, technology, skills, and religion so as to educate a generation that is pious, intelligent, independent, and literate for life.
  1. Serve in a friendly, firm, and orderly manner.
  2. Educate users who have a lifelong literacy life style .
  3. Educate users who are able to use the library with best.
  4. Make the library as a center for school education literacy.

Read Books Bring Knowledge to your Heart

Senin 07.00-15.00 / 19.15-21.15
Selasa 07.00-15.00 / 19.15-21.15
Rabu 07.00-15.00 / 19.15-21.15
Kamis 07.00-15.00 / 19.15-21.15
Jumat 07.00-15.00 / 19.15-21.15
Sabtu 07.00-15.00 / 15.30-17.30
Ahad 07.00-15.00
Saat Istirahat 11.30-12.30 / 15.00-15.30
School Library

Center of Learning Resources

In order to realize a school library that has functions and
benefits as a learning resource center, Baitul Hikmah has a collection of books as follows:


Non Fiction Book


Reference Book


Fiction Book

Library's Activity Gallery

Baitul Hikmah library activities are intended as an effort to raise awareness that the existence of a library can support teaching and learning activities in Islamic boarding schools