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Ar-Rohmah Islamic Boarding School is an educational institution managed by the Ar-Rohmah Putri Islamic Education Foundation. Not only educating students at the senior high school level, Ar-Rohmah Islamic Boarding School East Java also educates students at the junior high school level.

By implementing pesantren-based education, this educational institution combines intellectual aspects, life skills, and mental-spiritual aspects. In total there are 3 campuses consisting of Ar-Rohmah Putri IBS, Ar-Rohmah Putri IIBS, and Ar-Rohmah Tahfizh.

There are eight excellent programs implemented at the junior and senior high school levels.

Three Integrated Campuses

Let's get acquainted with our 3 campuses, which participate in playing an important role in responding to various challenges to encourage the progress of the nation through Tauhid-Based Education.

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REGISTRATION for Academic Year 2023 HAS OPENED

One more step, join 2300+ students from all over the country.

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