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Sejarah Singkat

Ar Rohmah Islamic Boarding School Group adalah sebuah Yayasan Pendidikan Islam di Kota Malang yang lahir di bawah bendera Pesantren Hidayatullah pada tahun 2004.

Berdedikasi Tinggi

Dengan menerapkan pendidikan berbasis pesantren, kami memadukan aspek intelektual, life skill, dan aspek mental-spiritual. Total terdapat 3 kampus yang terdiri dari Ar-Rohmah Putri IBS, Ar-Rohmah Putri IIBS, dan Ar-Rohmah Tahfizh.

Sudah Dipercaya

Dengan izin Allah, Ar-Rohmah mempunyai total hampir 3000 santri aktif dan ratusan alumni yang tersebar di penjuru negeri. Ar-Rohmah sudah dipercaya oleh banyak wali santri.


Temukan apa yang bisa Anda pelajari di Kampus Ar-Rohmah IBS. There are many excellent program that you can choose in this place. Search through these featured program options to find the best educational program for you. There are 8 excellent programs that are implemented at the junior and senior high school levels.

Education Phillosophy

Ar-Rohmah is an Islamic educational institution that is ready to educate the sons and daughters
of the Islamic generation to become pious, intelligent & independent individuals.

Bagaimana Sistem Kurikulum Kami?

Kurikulum yang digunakan di Ar-Rohmah adalah perpaduan kurikulum nasional (K13), kurikulum Diniyah Khas Hidayatullah dan Kurikulum Kepengasuhan Khas Hidayatullah. Setiap santri juga diwajibkan mengikuti dua sekolah, yakni sekolah formal dan madrasah diniyah.


Santri are educated to understand fardhu 'ain sciences such as aqidah, fiqh, and the Qur'an; at the same time fardhu kifayah sciences such as nahwu, shorof, and ushul fiqh. Each student will take 6 levels of Mubtadi 'and Mutawassith (equivalent to class VII Junior High School to XII Senior High School). In this system, students will be guided to study and complete 21 classical and modern books, : Adab Teachers and Students (Ibnu Jama'ah/Alimin Mukhtar), Al-'Aqidah Ath-Thahawiyah (Abu Ja'far Ath Thahawi), Mukhtashar Syu'abil Iman (Al-Baihaqi/Al-Qazwini), Muqaddimah Fi 'Ulumil Qur'an, Tafsir As-Sa'diy (partial), Brief Interpretation of the First 5 Surahs revealed, Al-Arba'in An Nawawiyah, Riyadhus Shalihin (An-Nawawi), Minhatul Mughits Fi 'Ilmi Mushthalahil Hadith (Hafizh Hasan Al-Mas'udi), At-Tadzhib Fi Adillati Matn Al-Ghayah Wat Taqrib (Abu Syuja'/Musthafa Dib Bugha), Al-Waraqat Fi Ushulil Fiqh (Imamul Haramain Al-Juwaini), Durusul Lughah Al-'Arabiyah (Medina, Dr. V. Abdurrahim), Muqarrar Imla' Wal Khoth, Matn Al-Ajurumiyyah (Ibn Ajurum Ash-Shinhaji), Al-Amtsilah At-Tashrifiyah (KH Ma'shum Seblak), Syarh Al-Kaylani, Nurul Yaqin Fi Siratil Sayyidil Mursalin (Khudhary Bek), Qishashul Anbiya' (Ibn Katsir), Fiqh Sirah (Ramadhan al-Buthi). Recitation of the Qur'an use Ummi method, and Translation of Qur'an. use Grand MBA Method Santri are also equipped with bare book reading skills and learning methodologies (didactic-methodics, theory & practice).


Parenting for students at Ar-Rohmah is designed as practical and applicable guidance to practice Islam in the daily life of students. The culture, facilities, discipline, life schedule and activities of the students are designed as a unified process of inculcating Islamic values and teachings into their personalities, such as putting God first, obedience to the Shari'a, obedience to leaders, thalabul 'ilmi culture, living in congregation. and tolerance, honesty and self-integrity, discipline, personal and environmental hygiene, independence, caring and empathy, management and leadership, and modesty. The Pandu Hidayatullah Movement (GPH) is included in it.


The structure, textbooks, governance (management), and assessment system refer to the standards that have been set and accredited by BAN S/M (National Accreditation Board for Schools/Madrasah).

Profil Output Santri

It is hoped that all the monotheistic-based education processes in Ar-Rohmah will bring blessings

“And if the inhabitants of the land had believed and were pious, We would have bestowed upon them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they turned out to deny (Our verses), then We punished them according to what they had done” (Surah Al-A’ raff: 96)


A person with straight aqidah (shahihul shohihah); guided by the Qur’an; good character; worship sincerely and istiqamah; preach with wisdom; and committed to living together.

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A person who understands the main points of ulumuddin; able to read, understand and memorize the Qur’an & hadith; skilled in national & international language; and master the basics of science & technology.

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A person who has a disciplined, courageous, and responsible character; have the soul of a leader; able to solve personal problems; be strong and healthy; as well as active, creative and innovative.

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